A serial entrepreneur and lifelong artist, I have been selling for 30+ years. Having owned retail, service, promotions, and marketing businesses, I bring a wealth of experience for small business owners in Sales, Design, Strategy, and Motivation.

I am looking forward to helping our members get motivated, get sales, and get results. The biggest hurdle for most business owners is growing their audience and gaining clients. I have years of slaes training experience and proven methods to share.

As a lifelong artist and designer, I can offer ideas, and a new perspective for your sites, marketing materials, and branding. From graphic and digital art to web design and marketing.

With experience in almost every side of small to medium businesses, as an owner and corporate officer, I am aware and have experience with a wide variety of the issues a small to medium sized business can face. From Planning to Management. I like to see the patterns and moving parts and optimize them for success. I hope to be able to share my experience and knowledge with our members, and help them achieve their goals in the years to come!
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