Michael Howard



Hi and a big warm welcome to this awesome group called the Accountability Mastermind for Success. My name is Michael Howard and I bring a wealth of experience that will help and assist you along your journey.

 I am also one of your mentors who will pick you up when your down but will also celebrate all your success. The intended the outcome is the latter but will take work.

 I bring more than 30 years of IT architecture, web design and management experience. I am also a certified Project Management Professional (PMP.) If anyone reading this knows what that is, you know it is a super hard stressful exam. Yikes, it took a lot of work and dedication to study every night but I prevail in the end. Yes, I can talk to you about all my other certifications and attending college for 4 quick years for BS but what’s my important and that I am here as your full-time mentor and part time ninja.

Let's get kicking together and remove all those things keeping you away from your targets.
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